Chris Olshan

CEO & Chairman
Chris Olshan is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Luxury Council. He is a sought-after authority on the changing luxury market and customer, latest trends in technology, strategies and tactics for selling to ultra-high-net-worth customers, the Millennial generation, the impact luxury has on the economy, and understanding the global market. He specializes in creating brand partnerships and collaborations, launching new products and markets and creating new and unique opportunities for customer acquisition. He has lectured at NYU Stern Graduate School of Business, LIM, Fordham University, FIT, Kent State and others and has also keynoted a number of global conferences. He believes that relationships build successful business and is an expert at creating deep and long lasting relationships between member executives.

Gregory Furman

Founder & Chairman Emeritus
Greg Furman, Founded the company in 1994. He was the driving force that helped grow The Luxury Council from 32 luxury brands in Manhattan into a global enterprise that has served some 2,500 member luxury brands, 10,000 CEOs and top marketing executives, in more than 60 cities worldwide. An accomplished painter, sculptor and poet, Greg now focuses his time on driving growth for his artistic ventures.

Our Advisory Board


Kristy Olshan, CPA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer
Superior Plastic Products and Affiliates

Alan Way

Executive Director
LOUIS XIII Private Clients, Americas
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Eleonora Paulsen

Gruppo Italia, Inc.

Sandy Edry

Keller Williams NYC
Kathryn Rice

Kathryn Rice

Founder and CEO
Transcendent Travel Services

Jennifer Laddy

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
MarieBelle New York

John Leidy

Vice President
J.P. Morgan Private Bank
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Elaine D. Papas

President, Senior Partner and Founder
Law Offices of Elaine D. Papas
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Trevin Dye

2getherGlobal, LLC.

Matt Hampton

Envoy Design

Pete Michalsky

Head Of Marketing and Business Development
Wadia Associates

Jim Brennan

Managing Director & Senior Partner
Boston Consulting Group

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Client Testimonials

“Having been a founding member of the Luxury Council, right from its beginning in 1994, I can state with conviction that the organization has been of outstanding benefit to me and my colleagues. Two things stand out in my mind as being of great value: First is the interaction among Council members. We share valuable marketing information on trends within the luxury goods and services sector. This allows fascinating perspectives and insights from all over the luxury world. Frequently I have been able to adapt innovative marketing techniques to my own operations to great advantage. Second, because of the frequent and close contact I have maintained with my fellow Council members I have been able to develop valuable promotional collaborations that have led to increased sales. That's the bottom line, isn't it?”
Larry Pimentel
Joint Owner/Operator of Four Seasons Yachts
“Virtuoso has been a member of The Luxury Council since its second year of existence and our membership has played a very strong role in our expansion of our brand, especially with regard to collaboration with other luxury partners. It has also been extremely useful in providing us with a benchmark of business practices and innovations in the luxury sector.”
Matthew D. Upchurch
CTC CEO Virtuoso

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