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Who Has It, What They Do With It And How to Reach Them

At the recent Luxury Marketing Council Wineries Boot Camp held February 24th, presenter David Friedman, President of Wealth-X, the global authority on wealth intelligence, generated great interest and heated discussion with his very compelling presentation on the nation’s UHNW’s (Ultra High-Net Worth individuals) and how to effectively market to them. Because of an agenda time limit, David’s presentation was presented in brief summary form. Attendees at the Boot Camp have vigorously clamored for his return so that he can revisit the subject in detail and without time restriction.

We are delighted to announce that David Friedman will be returning to wine country. Come join us as David delves into the subject of wealth in the U.S.— who has it, what they do with it and how to reach them. Subscribing to the belief that the market for reaching the super-affluent is broken and inefficient, he shares information and insights from Wealth-X’s extensive data trove and lays down a prescriptive plan of attack that is highly relevant to an industry, such as wine, that seeks to capture the affluent customer and the premium dollar.