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The Luxury Marketing Council’s SPEED TANK LUNCHEON is a powerful strategic opportunity for luxury brands:

  • Managing the pressures of Covid-19 turning luxury brands business and marketing assumptions upside down 
  • Going through a re-organization
  • With new management teams
  • Wrestling with critical issue(s)
  • Seeking to build consensus and more profitably and imaginatively address the challenges of organizational/environmental change
  • Wanting deeper insights and creativity from C-Suite Council Members
  • Building relationships
  • Understanding breakthrough marketing strategies and tactics
  • Inspiring collaborations with kindred spirit luxury brands
  • Driving revenue and acquisition of the most affluent customer

Given the 20 year history of success with our full morning Think Tanks, we have created a condensed luncheon version designed to leverage the collective thinking of our members. Each company will share an issue of their choice and have 20 minutes to engage the group for their best thinking. We will be hosting Speed Tank Luncheons once a month for interested luxury brands.

Really hope you can join us on October 27 from noon - 2 p.m. !




Founded in 1994, The Luxury Marketing Council Worldwide is an exclusive, “by invitation only” collaborative organization having served more than 2,500 Luxury Brands 10,000 CEO's and CMO's in 60 Cities Worldwide.

The Council serves primarily as a catalyst in bringing the smartest, most imaginative marketers of luxury products and services together to explore best practices and critical issues, and share intelligence on best customers and marketing trends.
In addition, through the “incubation” of innovative marketing alliances and partnerships, the Council helps its members to grow revenue, expand share of wallet, and cultivate referrals from and loyalty of best customers—the 5.8 million individuals (in the US) with liquid portfolios of USD $1,000,000 or more.