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New York

THE NEW LUXURY BRANDING: Challenges and Threats

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It used to be the aura of luxury brands was enough to guarantee the loyalty and repeat business of the world’s most affluent, sophisticated customers. Now it's just the price of admission.

Given the increasing skepticism/cynicism of consumers towards traditional advertising messages and the increasing need to deliver flawless customer service - brands are being held accountable as never before.
How are the web and technology changing the way luxury brands position and market?
  • What are the threats to brands given the pressures of general top level domain names to protect their brands and their industry segments? - DOT Automotive, DOT Luxury, DOT Jewelry, DOT Shop.
  • How are luxury brands investing differently in how they market across the marketing mix - PR, web, loyalty, traditional advertising, niche media, segmentation to niche audiences, in-store technology and out-of-home?
  • What is the impact of the millennial generation- 86 million strong? How do luxury brands need to market to them differently?
  • What is the impact of globalization and "the three 1.3 billions" - India's, Africa's and China's growing communities of richest consumers?
Please join us on April 12 for an interactive discussion with our expert panelists and come prepared to share your thoughts and best practices on "THE NEW LUXURY BRANDING: Challenges and Threats."