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New York

The Luxury of Wellness

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By 2030, all the baby boomers will have passed age 65 to enter a very non-retiring retirement. For this community it’s not about knowing, affording, understand and having the best things.


They have achieved a level of affluence without precedent. For them, it’s about living long enough to enjoy special experiences and the memories of special experiences with family and friends.

For boomers, aware as never before that the clock is ticking, living healthy, living well, living intelligently, living longer and enjoying the fruits of their hard-earned labors are top priorities.

Shaping the way brands market to their best boomer customers and educate their employees to better serve them. The implications for luxury marketers in every segment of the luxury arena are staggering.

 Hoteliers are redefining ‘hotel.’  Spas are redefining ‘spa.’ Retailers of every stripe are redefining 'retail.' Out-of-the-box collaborations and partnerships between like-minded luxury brands are approaching the most sophisticated consumers with offers, products, services that ‘surprise and delight’ and go well beyond ‘the same old same old.’

After “The Luxury of Time” – “The Luxury of Wellness” may be the single most powerful driver in shaping the buying habits of the best, brightest and most affluent boomers and a new platform for luxury marketers to win greater revenues and share of wallet by re-thinking and re-imagineering the more traditional definitions of product, service and building 'stickier' relationships with top customers.

Please join us for an exploration of the impact and implications of this important trend.