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The Art of De-Cluttering

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Please join us for a very different experience as we explore two different strategies for de-cluttering.

De-cluttering as a means for personal and professional clarity has never been more important.

Just several weeks ago, Bob Shullman reported that he had measured an astonishing 41 communication channels in his most recent report on how luxury brands and retailers employed advertising to market their goods during the 2015 holiday season. Even more astonishing was his declaration that those 41 channels were already inadequate and that going forward he saw the need to add at least six new channels for 2016 to be more complete and accurate.

This communications clutter is one of the key issues that luxury marketers must navigate in their quest for successful relevant brand messaging and communications strategies and of course exceptional financial results in an ever-challenging economic environment.

Guests will have the opportunity to learn about and then experience basic yoga techniques and the art of the mandala from two sought-after experts. Comfortable clothing is recommended.


Lauren Berger, Director of The Yoga Center Greenwich, has spent much of her life working in New Product Marketing for large, upscale package goods companies and then built her own company as an entrepreneur.

Lauren has built businesses around the excitement of “what’s new” but now, as a leader in the yoga community, she has been able to take the unique system of ancient hatha yoga that originated thousands of years ago and explain how she has applied these “old” and ancient principles to her business success.

Lauren believes that there is a primary balance, strength, and self-awareness that must be found within us. She helps people to learn how to apply the discipline, energy, and concentration developed through yoga to make better business decisions and to elevate one’s effectiveness within a corporate or team environment to move a business forward.

Prior to leading the practice at The Yoga Center, Greenwich, Lauren created and launched her own brand of “healthy cookies” City Girl Country Girl, at Whole Foods Markets around the country, Fairway Market, and other similar healthy food outlets.
Lauren’s areas of expertise within the corporate world include idea generation, product development, and market launch in both US and international marketplaces. Her most recent corporate position was at Clairol, where she created and launched a groundbreaking product line for women of color. Lauren also spear-headed the national re-launch of one of the company’s largest brands, which subsequently won Glamour magazine’s award for “Best Beauty Breakthrough” and was nominated for Best Beauty product by the Executive Women’s Beauty Awards. While at Clairol Lauren led the New Product Innovation Team and worked on strategic acquisitions.

Lauren earned her BA in Economics from the University of Vermont, and her MBA at Fordham University in New York City; Lauren has always been a City Girl and Country Girl. An extreme skier, Lauren has taught skiing in Vermont and spent much time around the world, heli- and backcountry skiing.


Meg Reilly, MS, CH, is a holistic lifecycle counselor and consulting hypnotist. Meg helps teens and adults live mindfully and create the life they want with compassion for themselves and others. She is the author of a weekly letter on making intentional, compassionate choices to improve personal growth, development, and peace.

In addition, she has been a Wellness Counselor for 13 years, and Wellness Director for the last two, for Camp AmeriKids, a week-long summer camp experience for 8- to 16-year olds who are living with the challenges of HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease. Meg is also the Director of The ELM Project Mentor Program, a one-to-one supported transition to adulthood for former campers aged 16 to 20 years old.

Among various workshops she facilitates, Meg teaches a Mandala Workshop in which participants are introduced to this timeless, universal symbol, its history, and how it can have a personal significance to us all. Carl Jung believed that a “mandala’s basic motif is…a kind of central point within the psyche to which everything is related and which is itself a source of energy.” Drawing one’s own mandala brings insight and ideas for fresh approaches to the challenges – big and small – that participants currently face in life.

Meg believes that we are always creating our life, whether we know it or not. Everything in life happens in cycles. Meg’s goal is to help you examine the natural order of all your lifecycles and learn how to use this knowledge to create the life they truly want. Understanding that is the key to actively making choices that make us happier people who lead more satisfying lives. This wider and wiser point of view helps us to gain perspective and find control in the calm center that truly, deeply resides in all of us. And from that centered self, we can plant the seeds of the life we actively choose to live.

As a certified Consulting Hypnotist, Meg helps clients use the immense power of their subconscious mind to make powerful changes in their life. Hypnosis is a safe, ancient, non-invasive practice used to help people manage a variety of problems.


About Our Host

Brother and sister Rishi and Tapasya Bali went from the world of Wall Street to the world of yoga successfully launching YOGASMOGA. YOGASMOGA® is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of Yoga inspired athletic apparel and accessories.

YOGASMOGA™ develops fiber-to-consumer solutions to deliver proprietary high performance athletic gear. The YOGASMOGA® mission is to elevate people’s lives through the deep knowledge, essence and ethos of yoga. The Company makes innovative products that reflect its founding pillar of developing world-class fabric technologies, including AURUM® - a hyper advanced fabric with advanced moisture wicking technology. YOGASMOGA® prides itself in executing its mission with a sense of authenticity, photographing daily practitioners of yoga and refusing to permit any body retouching of its images. YOGASMOGA® helps the development of the NAMASKÁR foundation, a bracelet driven charity focused on health and education in the Company’s supply chain countries. YOGASMOGA® is designed in NYC and proudly Made in the USA.