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Does an Overload in Advertising Damage Customer Engagement and Lead to Decreased Interest and Shopping?

Does an Overload in Advertising Damage Customer Engagement and Lead to Decreased Interest and Shopping?

It's no secret that the reach of social media is staggering. 

Facebook reported 2.5 billion monthly active users, and both Instagram and WeChat each have more than a billion users. 

Despite these massive numbers, the growth of the user community seems to be slowing and they are spending less time on many of the major platforms.

What's more concerning is whether a brands' message is being heard among the constant barrage of advertisements on these platforms.

As corporations continue to increase their investment in online advertising, the average person still spends less than two seconds looking at them on mobile feeds.

The average digital ad cost has risen 12 percent in two years, but digital ad expenditure rose 42 percent, helping analysts forecast Facebook’s revenue in 2019 above $69 billion, up 70 percent from 2017 and EQUAL TO ALL PRINT MEDIA AD SPENDING. However, visits to those advertisers on social media have risen only 11 percent.

This data suggests that it is time for brands to rethink their social media strategy. Specifically, the need to re-evaluate how to exploit existing platforms more effectively, capitalise on the rise of new platforms and understand how to generate direct sales through social platforms.

Hope you can join us on January 29 as we explore how brands can best get their message across in this cluttered digital environment.



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