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GLOBAL LUXURY: A multibillion-dollar industry propelled by female purchasing power, used to be a notably male-dominated industry, creatively and commercially.

Today there are very strong signs that this once industry-defining trend is no longer.  In the past year alone, major luxury groups have been aggressively recruiting top women and rapidly making gender equality a priority, with serious (not lip service) boardroom recognition.

The ethic of  “talent has no gender” is coming into its own.  Clearly there is a very robust talent pool.  Consider the fact that female university graduates outnumber male graduates roughly two to one worldwide.  Simple math dictates there will be more highly qualified female candidates aggressively and intelligently climbing corporate ladders than ever before.
AND, there is another, subtler element that may be responsible for the current change in attitude: acknowledgement of the importance of the empowerment of women, its impact on consumer value systems and resulting new ways of thinking about customer engagement in an era when even average fashion shoppers are more educated and digitally savvy than ever before.

With women conservatively responsible for 85 percent of luxury sales in 2015, luxury brands need to speak to female hearts, minds and wallets at every level of their businesses.

LVMH, the world’s largest luxury conglomerate, with a portfolio of more than 70 brands, is taking a bottom-up approach. Fourteen percent of its chief executives are women, as are four of its 17 board members, although women make up 74 percent of its work force worldwide and 73 percent of its annual graduate intake.

PLEASE join us for an illuminating conversation with FIVE WOMEN who have made this journey and risen to the top.
• How do they see the definition of luxury changing today?
• How is the luxury market and the luxury customer changing?
• What is the impact of technology on the way they market and sell?
• What are the key segments that they see as vital to success going forward?
• What are the threats and challenges that ‘keep them awake at night’?
• What are they doing within their organizations to provide more opportunities for the best and the brightest?
• How will 2016 shake out in the context of one of the most contentious elections in recent history?
• What will the emergence of super rich buyers/travelers from mainland China, Africa, India mean for luxury marketers in the U.S.? 
• What advice do they have for talented, driven female executives who aspire to CEO status?

Looking forward to seeing you on May 4.   With kindest thanks to each of our panelists and to our friends and Council members at the Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology at the Fashion Institute of Technology for generously hosting.