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Design, The Biology of Pleasure, and a Dollop of Oxytocin

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Louis Nelson and Lionel Tiger

An extraordinary conversation with two remarkable thought leaders who suggest that luxury companies (and, for that matter, any company) need to pay as much attention to our inner environment—human nature—as to the outer environment and the quality of what they make if they are to be impactful and sustainable into the future.


Louis Nelson has influenced much of what we see, hear, taste and smell; and how we walk, talk, learn and feel.

Louis is a visionary artist in diverse disciplines of strategic planning, story telling, filmmaking, communications, graphics, industrial design, enriched by boundless curiosity and a rare sensitivity to the world around him. He believes that, “Design sets a standard that affects our attitude toward quality and our sense of well being.”

He has directed a cascade of public and private programs here and abroad: the mural for the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the National Mall; the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Medal; initiated Nutrition Facts on America’s food packages; colored skis for Head; No Nonsense Pantyhose; Statue of Liberty dining, the world’s highest-volume fast-food restaurant; information systems and signs at Logan Airport, JFK, Air Train, World Trade Center and NY transit centers, NYC subways; exhibits and films for America worldwide and US corporations; murals; branding and logos.

Louis has been honored with awards from virtually every significant design industry organization in the country and abroad. He is a Nominee for the National Design Medal and served on the Advisory Board of the International Design Conference in Aspen and the Executive Committee for the Worldesign Foundation in addition to numerous museum and foundation boards. Louis is a Visiting Lecturer at Harvard University, Pratt Institute and other schools in the United States, Canada and Europe and served in the U.S. Army as a Captain in the Armored Cavalry and a helicopter instructor pilot. He has a Master and Bachelor of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.

A native New Yorker, Louis lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side with his wife, Judy Collins, the noted singer, songwriter and author.

Louis is a Member of the Advisory Board of The Luxury Marketing Council of Connecticut-Hudson Valley.


Lionel Tiger’s first book MEN IN GROUPS in 1969 introduced the term and concept “male bonding” and was influential in eight languages. THE IMPERIAL ANIMAL in 1971 has appeared in 11 languages and is still in print. It was a fundamental contribution to understanding human evolution and how our biology affects our daily lives and our old and new social systems. His THE PURSUIT OF PLEASURE of 1992 tells us why we enjoy what we enjoy, why pleasure is a central feature of our biology, and how ancient human appetites influence today’s bistro menu and tomorrow’s sales floor.

Lionel has analyzed the evolution of human patterns of dominance and ambition and how they affect daily and nightly lives. He has parsed male aggression, female competitiveness, the food of China, and the sparkle of artistic skill. He has consulted to Swiss restaurateurs, makers of English biscuits, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon. He has undertaken research in West Africa, the Israeli Kibbutz, the Canadian pulp and paper industry, and has led a parade of other insights into how the nature of our species stimulates and inhibits but is always a factor in our behavior.

Lionel wants to know what frank dominance means for the luxury market and how a strange and unexamined form of systematized disrespect of consumers deters their enthusiastic consumption.

Lionel studied at McGill University in Montreal, the London School of Economics and Political Science and has received awards from foundations such as Ford, the John Simon Guggenheim, The Canada Council, The Maison des Sciences de L’Homme in Paris, and the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, where he was Research Director. He has been named a Cultural Landmark of New York City. He lives in New York City and Millbrook New York. He is the Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology Emeritus at Rutgers University.



Inspired by the artisan traditions of the great American and European ateliers and a bucolic yet enlightened childhood in Greenwich, Connecticut, a dynamic young visionary, Katie Fong, creates limited production and custom apparel for the most discerning woman and their most important life moments.

Her unique designs range from gowns to short dresses and separates and are sought after by women who want to feel and look special for their special occasions, including weddings, graduations, charity and business galas.


In Villas Veritas has placed clients in beautiful luxury villas since 1997. Laura Blair and her experienced staff set themselves apart by providing firsthand knowledge of each and every property and region they represent and by working closely with their clients to ensure a pleasurable and seamless vacation. Their villa selections include only the most discerning and luxurious villas worldwide. 


Established in 1994, Orrick & Company integrates architecture and interior design to create comfortable, timeless homes for real family living. The Company’s projects include residences across the country and in Europe, and its work has been featured editorially in local, regional, and national publications. With Alicia Orrick’s extensive background in painting, art history, architecture and interior design, her work reflects her love of clean lines, beautiful materials, and sophisticated color. “Elements such as proportion, color, texture and light should provide an enduring source of pleasure for the client,” she says. “Every project is a great team collaboration, and it is an inspiring and unique adventure.”


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