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The Luxury Council is a platform for growing brands through
the power of thought leadership and collaboration.

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The Luxury Marketing Council


Members of The Luxury Council, top executives with significant decision-making authority, believe luxury brands can no long afford to go it alone and are committed to:

  • Winning greater share of best customers’ spend and loyalty, especially given the recent disappearance of buyers with household incomes $250 -$500k.
  • Learning and real-time knowledge as a competitive advantage.
  • Measuring success, qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Being part of a vibrant community of the very smartest marketers that informs and, importantly, inspires new approaches, achieves cost efficiencies and wins new customers.
  • Collaborations and close and constant interaction with like-minded, kindred-spirit brands.
  • Sharing costs, insights and initiatives to ‘surprise and delight’ shared best customers, win new revenues and offset reduced marketing budgets.
  • A classic ‘packaged goods’ approach to marketing – integrating all disciplines beyond advertising.
  • Leveraging the web’s unprecedented speed and intimacy of approach and capitalizing on the dramatic gains in sales, untapped opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling, loyalty and customer acquisition that the web offers early-adapters.

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